Over the years RedwoodKrest K9 has provided over 50 protection dogs for the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. These K9’s are working throughout Washington, Oregon, California and Colorado. These protection dogs have provided security for families,  retail stores and grow operations. They also have provided security in transportation of money and products. Below is an interview of one of the leading magazines in the cannabis industry  https://www.cannabizjournal.com/

Please check our Website down below for your next Protection dog. We can provide testimonials and info from real clients in this business. Don’t hesitate to contact us https://redwoodkrestk9.com/contact/  for more details and availability off our highly trained protection dogs. We will help you select your next K9 !  Home delivery  and handler training is included in our sales price. Our training staff will spend 3-5 days with you, your family, and your employees to ensure the transition is seamless for you and the K9. The BEST or NOTHING .  Be REDWOODKRESTK9 protected at all times .

Our dogs are highly and fully trained in of leash obedience , house manners and protection. They are trained to be with you 24/7 !  Their appearance will deter most guys with bad intentions. Bad guys don’t like the possibility of getting attacked by trained dogs.