I met Joeri when I was playing in Portland for the Trailblazers. We visited his beautiful facility and bought a puppy for our young family. But when a stalker appeared into our lives it was time to up our security. Joeri delivered 2 highly trained Rottweilers and stayed a few days to teach us how to handle them and how to integrate them into our family. It was a very easy transition, very professionally performed by Joeri’s team. Now I had peace of mind while traveling that my family was in good hands. Over the years we have owned 6 Redwood Krest Protectors. As Joeri says, “We are family now for life.”

BRANDON ROY, NBA All Star and Professional Athlete

My guardian did his job twice today. Once when some guy threw my office door open today. He knows that door is supposed to be locked and unless I open it, nobody comes in. And he also did his job in the car today. We picked up my dad at the airport and he has never met Ibeau. My dad reached into the backseat to try to get my grandsons hand off the door handle and the second he touched Landon the dog warned him by barking in his face and growling. It may have been rude to do to my dad, but it was the right thing to do. He is an amazing protector, and a gentle giant all in one!


FREDDY MONTERO, International Soccer Star and Professional Athlete

TRAVIS OUTLAW, NBA Star and Professional Athlete

Ronja is a very good companion and an excellent dog. I am glad that my husband got her for me. Thanks for choosing the right dog! I feel safe now that Ronja is here while Martin works out of state.


Harley is the sweetest and smartest dog we have ever had! He adores our grand kids and they adore him. He was the perfect choice for our family! Thanks again 🙂

TIZ HUTCH, Tiz Hutch Ministries

Here is a picture of me and my new best friend! When I talked to you a few months back about getting one of your dogs I had no idea what to expect other then a wonderful dog. But Vulcan is more then just a wonderful dog, he’s the best dog I have ever had. He is a very loyal companion and has been a great asset to not only my flower shop but at home as well as I feel so much safer having him around, but on the other hand he is wonderful around customers and everyone he meets. Being a bit concerned how my customers would react to a large dog I quickly learned that they all love him as much as I do. He actually has his own customers that come in just to see him! I’d like to thank you once again for a truly amazing dog and companion and thank you for all your guidance as
well. I’ll look forward to the day I can convince my husband to let me get a puppy from you! Best of luck to you in 2011!

MARILYN, ERIC AND TALON MOESER, Main Street Floral Company

Thank you for the great dog!


I would like to express my gratitude to Joeri Goedertier from Redwood Krest Rottweilers for his work with my dog, Ergos. I sent him Ergos as a young,tremendously powerful, stubborn, unruly male. He cared for, conditioned and trained him in such a way that today he is a pleasure to be around. Joeri’s training methods are first rate and his love for dogs is obvious to anyone who meets him. His impact on my dog has been substantial, and the positive training method he employs has left me with a happy, well trained companion. What’s
more; I have the dog I have always wanted: a Schutzhund titled rottweiler with a successful show record. I owe all of this to Joeri and his wife Christina, and I will be forever grateful.

Parker has been everything I could want in a working dog. He has great drive and is always go go go. Whether for the ball or the sleeve, he will do whatever you want to get his reward. We once his his ball in a half grown palm tree. Well if you ever wanted to see a rottweiler climb a tree. He has a great time going swimming on the beach and will take the next best thing, if you turn on a hose he will run straight for it while you spray him down.

This testimonial is to thank you not only for our incredible puppy Diego, but to thank you both personally for what you have done for our family. Anyone who goes to the Redwood Krest website can see that you own and produce world class rotties. Your dedication to the breed and accomplishments are second to none and my puppy experience is just like all the others that i have read on your testimonial page. Diego is extremely smart, easy to train, has a superb temperament and is gentle with my small children. Everywhere we take Diego people comment on his look and super attitude. We could not have dreamed of owning a better puppy then what you have provided, but the part of this whole experience that stands out the most is what you both represent, not as breeders or business people but as people in general. For everyone that gets to read this not only do you get world class rotties from Redwood Krest, you deal with World Class people in Joeri and Christina. The last couple years has been very hard on my family physically and emotionally due to some health issues we encountered. Joeri and Christina you provided us with a very special puppy and an emotional uplift that was greatly needed and our family is forever grateful. Thanks again for everything you both have done and all the patience you had with me calling and emailing in anticipation of our new pup.


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful dog. A little more than a year ago I called you looking for a Rottweiler. I had done a lot of research and had not decided on a breeder. I called you and explained that I wanted a Rottweiler but I was most interested in temperament. I have an eight year old daughter, Makayla, and I wanted a dog that could become a member of our family as well as provide security. I have trained Labradors in the past but I had absolutely no experience with rottweilers. You must have spent two hours on the phone with me explaining the breed and the type of dog I needed. We ended our conversation with you telling me that it may take a year but when you had one that fits our needs you would let me know. A few months later you notified me you had one that matched my needs. You named her Akira, we call her Lily. I can not tell you how wonderful she is. She is everything you promised and more. Her temperament is outstanding, she is strong yet loving. She is vigilant on her patrol of our yard and is not afraid to stand her ground with anything that enters her area. She is as gentle as can be with my eight year old and has taken it upon herself to not let her out of her sight. She is intelligent beyond belief. Her look is incredible everywhere she goes someone compliments her. Even my Veterinarian said she is one of the best looking Rottweilers he has ever seen. Everyone asks where I got her. With the looks aside it is her temperament that I love the most and that is exactly what I asked you for, so thank you. I have owned several dogs and she is unique in her own right. With all the sub standard breeders out there, it is scary when you set out to find a good dog.
You have my business from now on and I am going to recommend your dogs to anyone in the market for a Rottweiler. Thank you again for the dog you provided us and for continuing a breed that lives up to its name as a great family dog.